Martha Beck Matrix

Martha Beck is an American author, life coach, and speaker who specializes in helping individuals and groups achieve greater levels of personal and professional success. She holds three degrees, a BA, MA and PhD from Havard Univeristy.

She uses a traditional storytelling framework to help people establish how to change their current situation and get to where they want to be. She believes that most people manage to get stuck in square one or square two and few people manage to get all the way to square four.

Many times a traumatic event occurs before entering square one.

  1. Square one -"WTF!? Is going on?" - time to be letting go about certain parts of our identity

  2. Square two -"This is how my life could look?' - Reconnecting with your true dreams and letting go of limiting beliefs.

  3. Square three - "This is so much harder than I ever could have imagined! When will it get better?" - Overcoming the main obstacles in your way

  4. Square four - "Yeah! I'm finally living the life I wanted. How long will it last?" - Feeling a sense of achievement for reaching your goal, reflecting on the process and then preparing to go full circle again

We see it as a life hack and a foundational model you should have guiding your life not only in times of trama. It takes some serious self-awareness and commitment to get all the way through the model but by understanding each of the stages, coming to terms with their inevitability and learning how to push through their difficulties you can set yourself up for a life of continuous growth. It' not easy but nothing good is, right?

Thank you Martha!